Patent Hive intelligently automates patent valuation & portfolio management.

Patent Hive tools also automatically generate intellectual property business intelligence reports and monitor maintenance fee deadlines for your company's patent portfolio. For the first time, businesses have a viable alternative to the extremely expensive and complex process of manually managing and evaluating their patent portfolios or those of competitors. Learn more.

New Tool: Visual Search

When searching for patents or reviewing prior art, receive side-by-side text results and graphical data on the search term.  Charts based on the search term provide insight into related patents issued over time, top businesses holding related patents, top inventors, a breakdown of classes represented and more.

Business Intelligence

Patent Hive provides a wide variety of patent knowledge and management tools. Clients can obtain precise data on portfolio distribution by sector, highlight key patents in each area, and identify the company’s most valuable innovators. Companies can make decisions regarding R&D resource allocation based on past performance or current strength analysis in various sectors. 

Solutions to meet your needs.


Review detailed statistics and rankings of specific patent examiners, attorneys, or law firms practicing before the USPTO.

Quickly obtain comprehensive reports on a target's patent portfolio, including sector strengths and weaknesses, estimated values, and more. Learn which inventors were most important to the target's success, and ensure you keep them around after an acquisition.

Licensing departments.
Obtain up-to-date business intelligence and analytics about your portfolio, including sector strengths and weaknesses, and ascertain patents with high licensing potential which may be under-utilized. Quickly estimate fair licensing values. Ensure valuable patents are not unnecessarily lost by tracking up-to-date maintenance status for every patent in your portfolio.

Discover defensive patents to assert against a competitor directly or by counter-claim by

evaluating enforceability of patents in your portfolio and those likely to cover a competitor's products.

Corporate Strategy.
Correlate development of your portfolio over time with key financial metrics. Gain insights on burgeoning industries and corresponding sector weaknesses. View detailed analysis of competitors' portfolios. Intelligently create R&D objectives and guide the development of your portfolio over time to adjust to a constantly changing competitive landscape.

Investors & Consultants

Inventors can perform preliminary due diligence and obtain detailed reports on many company's most valuable assets: their patent portfolios.

Patent Hive tools can assist consultants in providing business intelligence or analytics reports to clients, by quickly providing detailed statistics, analysis, and more, in a wide variety of formats, including graphs and charts that present visually striking and easily digestible summaries of key data sets.


Firms or solo practitioners can gain key insights into asserted patents or your client's portfolios to critical advantages in the litigation context, track maintenance for deadlines, or review statistics about patent examiners or the USPTO in preparing to prosecute a patent.


Individual inventors can obtain affordable and detailed analyses of their patents that would otherwise be out of reach. What might your patents be worth in sale or licensing revenue? How strong are your claims? What companies or products might be infringing your patents? Do you have upcoming maintenance fee deadlines?

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